A countless bulletin for hybrid car fans in Pakistan, as they can now order World’s Cheapest electronic car online. Pakistanis can import the China EV Car Changli Nameca through Alibaba.

A golf wagon sized automobile is certainly routine of its price.

Price of Changli Nameca $930 (PKR152,520)

This price is minus a battery pack. To acquire the pack, you will essential to pay $1200 (PKR196,800), Also, it is an outstanding deal for local customers as the administration reduced 25-50% customs duty on electronic cars last year.

Engine Power & Performance of Changli Nameca:

  • Horsepower 1.1.
  • Maximum speed of 30-35 kilometers per hour.
  • Maximum charging in 6-7 hours.
  • A one-time charge can cover around 100 kilometers.
  • The climbing ability of 30 degrees.

Another major difficulty of the automobile is, it has no care features and it is not approved through crash testing.

The exterior of Changli Nameca:

The car has an interesting outside with many corporation stickers in the Chinese language.
it appearances like a toy car for kids. Changli is a minor 2-door, a 3-seater automobile with nearly all the services of a new automobile. As productions have not made this car for freedom.

Dimensions of Changli Nameca:

  • Width 2500 MM.
  • Length 1500 MM.
  • Height 1800 MM .
  • Wheelbase of 1480mm with Aluminum wheels.

It originates in red color first, but you can order it in a modified shade. In front and rear with safety guards. Also led fitted rooftop rack.

There are no fog lamps. Headlamps with a sporty beam with trendy & stylish look. Front head with a signature badge. Door handles with chrome. Body material metal that’s amazing.

Windows of the car open with slide. Paint job very well paints upper and underbody as well as.

Interior of Changli Nameca:

Small interior with spacious. Steering wheel copy of ford steeles. The dashboard is rather poor. At this price, we will compromise in this stage. Seats with dual-tone lather shades.

  • Electronic speedometer.
  • Voltage meter.
  • odometer.
  • battery power.

A rearview camera, that’s amazing in this budget.

Features of Changli Nameca:

Coilover’s three-link suspension is very alike to modern Toyota Land Cruiser ’80s or Suzuki Jimny.There is no front brakes but rear drum brakes.

Changli has a roof fan and electric heater.

The power electronics of the automobile

  • Charger wires.
  • Batteries.
  • Pedal.

Motor packed under the rear load floor. The rack also has a controller, which turns pedal input into a motor output.
Furthermore, there is an AC-DC converter on that rack, which changes 42-72 volt inputs into 12-volt outputs.

Batteries of Changli Nameca:

below driver seat, there are five 12-volt lead-acid batteries wired in a series.

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