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SUZUKI WAGON R VXR 2018 Specs, Price and Features

Suzuki Wagon R VXR 2018 Wagon Car Price in Pakistan starting at Rs. 1,224,000
MSRP: 1,224,000
ENGINE: 998 cc
HORSEPOWER: 67 hp @ 6200 RPM
WHEELBASE: 13 inches

It’s is a City Car and Kay Car, which has been produced by Suzuki Since 1993 and introduced in Pakistan in 2014. It was first presented to the public in Japan in 1993, produced at the Suzuki Corporation’s factories in Japan and Hungary.

It has an unusual body design – with a width and length not exceeding the norms of a car of class “A”, the body is high to increase the free space in the cabin.

One of the best selling small cars in Japan since 2003. In 2008, Suzuki planned to produce a three millionth Wagon R.

The model showed good sales in the international market, where, after the start of its sales in India, they reached the figure of 5 million cars sold by the end of 2010.

A successful body design allowed to bring the Suzuki Wagon R to the market under several brands and with different engines, so, the European version of this car with the engine from Opel – Opel Agila is well known. Suzuki Wagon R is available in both right-hand drive and left-hand drive.

First Generation

The very first Suzuki Wagon R, presented in 1993 at the Tokyo Motor Show, had only one door on the driver’s side, 2 on the other side of the car and one rear, and were completed with a 6-cylinder F6A 3-cylinder engine, see the standard 5-door body.

The Suzuki Wagon R+, a little larger than the Suzuki Wagon R, was added to the lineup in 1997 and was produced until 2000 for Europe only in Japan.

Its width was made larger, and it was equipped with an atmospheric 4-cylinder K10A engine with a volume of 996 cm cube, with a timing chain drive. A little later, this engine was upgraded to 1.2 liters.

Body models of the 1st generation had taillights on the bumper, quite low from the road.

Second Generation

In 2000, Suzuki slightly modernized this popular model, modernizing the body design and starting to equip it with G line engines with a displacement of 1.3 and 1.6 liters, both in 8-valve (G13A, G13B) and 16-valve design ( G13BB).

Unlike the first-generation chain engines, the G-Series engines have a rubber timing belt and asynchronous engines, i.e. a broken timing belt does not damage the valves.

The dashboard received a change – the tachometer became regular; the handles for controlling the heater and air conditioner changed somewhat.

In Europe, the car quickly gained popularity and was going to a left-handed performance at the plant in Hungary.

Also, a license was sold to manufacture this machine under the Opel Agila brand. at the plant in Poland, with opelevskim engines, more in the relevant article.

The cars were produced with both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The differential lock or regular shut-off rear axle design is not provided.

Suzuki Wagon R Third and Fourth Generation
Modified body design, engines from 0.7 liters and above.

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